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Lensless Camera: Paragraphica

What is the first thing you search for when you are about to get a camera, its ofcourse the lens. Now what will you search first after I introduce you to Paragraphica “A lensless AI camera that generates images based on time, date, day, weather and location.”  

This camera is created by Bjørn Karmann,where one has to input details such as Time, date, day, weather and location and it turns into an image. ‘Paragraphica’ is the world’s first ‘context-to-image’ camera. This comes in both physical units as well as virtual cameras.

According to Paragraphica's official website, the camera uses open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to build and mix images based on picture, time, location, date, and time.

The physical version has a viewfinder that shows an accurate description of the position in real time, providing the camera with greater and more thorough input. The camera is fundamentally similar to a typical camera, however instead of having a lens up front like a normal camera, it features a spider-like construction. Three dials and a red shutter button are located at the top, while a touch-sensitive viewfinder screen is located at the back. 

Image Source: Bjørn Karmann Blog 

First dial seems similar to focal length as it is in an optical lens but this controls the radius meter of the camera. 

Second dial controls noise ( 0.1 to 1.0 ) of the photo .

Third dial is used to control the guidance scale, higher is the guidance sharper is the image lesser is the guidance blurrer is the image. As the name itself says, it needs a full description of the surroundings to generate an image . It has a GPS to track current location. 

In one of the images he posted, Karmann could be seen holding the Paragraphica camera while standing in a lush park. The device's prompt produced a similar sun-splashed image of a park with benches after capturing his location and the time of day. But the leaves above him were a different tint, and the shadows were deeper.

Image Source: Bjørn Karmann Blog 
Image Source: Bjørn Karmann Blog 
Image Source: Bjørn Karmann Blog 

Even though it wasn't the case in reality, another snapshot had the impression of a crowd of individuals all wearing the same hue of orange. Karmann said on Twitter that Paragraphica was a "passion art project" rather than a bid to do away with cameras and photography. On May 31, he tweeted, "Rather it's debating the role of AI in a moment of creative conflict.
The Paragraphica camera by Karmann pushes the limits of conventional photography by fusing art, science, and artificial intelligence to produce photographs that provide a distinctive viewpoint on the world. Its unusual layout and creative use of geolocational information offer a fresh aesthetic method for documenting situations and places. The Paragraphica offers a preview of the future opportunities as the art world struggles with the nexus of technology and creativity.

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