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What is Artsy Fashion Style?

Artsy Fashion Style is one of the most unconventional and unique fashion styles and concepts that emerged in the 20th century. It can also be referred to as ‘wearable art’ as it quite literally allows artworks to be worn. It reflects freedom from the traditional and conventional styles of clothing and highlights a person’s bold and imaginative side. 

Characteristics of Artsy Fashion Style

These clothes are characterized by:

  • Bright and vibrant colors that allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd.
  • Unique exaggerated or abstract imagery that rarely follows any patterns.
  • Playful prints and patterns.
  • Although the abstract patterns might not necessarily be handmade, the fabrics used are mostly hand-crafted.


Configuring the ‘Artsy’ Look

The Artsy fashion style doesn’t necessarily mean that the fabric itself has to be imaginative and full of colors. You can make any garment that you own look ‘artsy’ with a few additions such as a rough-hewn bracelet or necklace that you made. This adds an element of surprise to your outfit and allows you to express your imagination like an ‘artist’. This is the beauty of artsy fashion style. It allows you to experiment with your clothes and create a distinct style of clothes for yourself.

The Essence of Artsy Fashion

Of the seven basic style facets, artsy fashion can be classified under three essences. These three are:

Dramatic: Artsy fashion is of the dramatic essence because of the elements of absurdity and exaggeration that it possesses. Artsy fashion style is known for the element of surprise and creativity that it possesses as well. This also allows the wearer to be as dramatic as possible in their expression.

Natural: Since most of the fabrics categorized under artsy fashion are hand-crafted, they fall under the natural essence as well. At the same time, this natural essence is also apparent in the loose-fitting garments and the textural element of their fabrics.

High-Spirited: The high-spirited essence of artsy fashion is reflected in the element of surprise and unexpectedness of the clothes along with a blend of a variety of patterns or rather, a mix of patterns.

The garments that make up the artsy fashion style, therefore, have a dynamic and substantial quality that makes them different from the soft and refined types of clothes. 

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