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What is Cane Craft ?

Traditional bamboo and cane goods have long been produced and exported from India. The tribal people have long used bamboo and cane to create practical objects for daily use as well as a means of expressing their creativity and artistic side. Many Indian states, particularly those that are naturally endowed with these natural resources, produce Indian handicrafts, particularly goods made of cane and bamboo, at affordable prices. The northeast Indian economy is fundamentally based on the production of bamboo crafts. The finely crafted bamboo crafts showcase the rich culture of the area and have gained recognition on a global scale over time. Due to their aesthetic attractiveness and appeal, cane and bamboo are used to make furniture that is clear and comfortable. It encompasses vast expanses of terrain with abundant natural resources, including Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh, among others. The massive bamboo and cane forest was described in classical literature.  

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The cane items are known for their durability, low weight, ease of maintenance, and eco-friendliness even though they are typically available in natural colours and have a very fashionable appearance. Cane is renowned for having a unique quality that makes it perfect for furniture manufacturing despite being quite robust and easily bendable. Today, all forms of furniture, including chairs, tables, sofas, stools, shoe racks, bookcases, cabinets, mattresses, couches, and recliners, are made from cane. The cane goods in India come in a variety of pricing ranges to fit the budgets of all socioeconomic groups. A few Indian states that excel in this craft are:



Thanks to its plentiful cane and bamboo forests, the state of Assam is a veritable treasure trove of cane and bamboo natural resources. Assam is home to 51 different species of bamboo, which are utilised for a variety of things, primarily for structures, furniture, and contraptions. Numerous peasant groups, regardless of caste or community, practice the cane craft in Assam. Assam has had significant socioeconomic expansion and ongoing development over the years thanks to its talented, committed craftspeople and stunning natural resources. Farmers in Assam have the privilege to engage part-time in the state's household craft sector, which is primarily focused on bamboo and cane work. There is no mechanical equipment utilised, and it is carried out as a domestic activity.

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The bamboo and cane crafts made in Tripura exhibit highly intricate weaving patterns, distinct aesthetics, and lovely designs. The bamboo and cane are split vertically and given a remarkable evenness on their surface using basic equipment. From bamboo and cane, Tripuran artists create a wide range of beautiful objects, such as the Dulla or fish basket, Pathee or rain shield, Kula, dala, trays, pencil holders, lamp shades, table mats.

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The second-largest producer of bamboo and bamboo products in India is Manipur in the country's northeast, behind Tripura. It is well known for its conventional bamboo and cane crafts. The abundance of bamboo resources in some of the districts, such Jiribam, Imphal, and Tamenglong, is particularly well known. Numerous objects made of bamboo and cane and intended for adornment and everyday use are among the most well-known Manipurean products. Popular items include shtrays, umbrellas, decorations, sofa sets, fishing baskets, storage baskets, mats, and sofa sets. Manipur's economy and way of life continue to be heavily reliant on bamboo and cane crafts. It is currently a flourishing industry in Manipur. Additionally, it stimulates the creation of jobs in the state.

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