by Shaivya Jaiswal


Giving a new life to the old and Discarded Textiles.

At Virmansha Designs, we upcycle textile waste by empowering rural women to create sustainable, eco-friendly daily utility products. We collect the tailoring extras and the post / pre-consumer waste, segregate, clean and dry to make our products. No single shred is wasted at our workshop. So far we have Upcycled tonnes of textiles that would have otherwise ended up in the landfills.

Who are the founders? Please explain a little about them.
A Designer by profession and passion, Shaivya's journey toward design started while still in school. NIFT Kolkata happened immediately after school which gave her the right atmosphere and guidance to delve into the arena of Design. Post-college working with the artisans in the interior of the country gave her an opportunity to interact with the local communities and work towards the Skill development of the artisans. That experience gradually moved on to starting a social impact entity where the multiple aspects of sustainability, artisan welfare and craft Upliftment could be incorporated.

What is a particluar problem that your brand is solving?
We are diverting the textile waste from the landfills which otherwise would have added to the already existing heaps of waste. We collect the tailoring extras and post-consumer waste from various places and give new life to them. Your waste is our raw material! We are doing our best to heal the planet and work at the ground level. We accept the old discarded textile from households, stores and all tailoring units.

What were/are the difficulties and challenges being faced by you and your brand?
We are finding it difficult to reach the masses and educate them about Upcycling. Reaching our target audience is a little difficult after the pandemic. Shortage of funds to carry on our operations widely, due to which we are not able to build the right team to grow our business.

What is your brand offering?
Home Furnishings Home Decor Bags & Accessories Kids Toys & Accessories We accept all sorts of donations in the form of textiles, and old discarded garments that cannot be donated to the needy. We also offer customisation to our clients who want to upcycle their old apparel or home linens to daily utility products.

Did your brand and products make any contribution to the society/ environment/ culture/ community?
If yes, please highlight the same.
We are a planet conscious brand that creates eco-friendly and sustainable products by Upcycling textile waste. Since its inception in 2018 till 2021 we have Upcycled 700kgs of textile waste, empowered 10 women artisans, Up skilled and trained 8 women who have been working with us from the comfort of their homes. Incorporated traditional crafts into our products which gave huge support to the artisans practising it.

How do you see your brand contributing to the world in the years to come?
Our vision since its inception has been more takers of Upcycled products. We aim to launch an Apparel range for Infants, Teens and Adults that would be unisex and totally / fully Upcycled from textile waste. With the right balance to surface ornamentation, the clothing line would focus on slow fashion where nothing would be mass-produced.

What would you like to say to the next GEN of creators?
Please encourage and support more actual handmade! Learn and educate yourself about the difference between machine-made and handmade, replica and original. Visit and interact with more and more artisans and shop local.

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