About Us

A community driven, knowledge sharing platform that curates design inspirations, news, trends and features creators from the field of Design, Architecture, Craft,
Art, Fashion and Technology.

We are


We are people from different parts of the world that talk about how everything is influenced by different aspects of design and its peripheral industries like architecture, craft, art, fashion and technology.

And we believe in a community that is by-the-people and for-the-people, driven in a decentralized manner to generate as much value as possible.

Our Focus


Making creative knowledge:
Decentralized    governed by no one
Accessible    availability on-the-go
Sensible    logically curated
Shareable    share wherever you want to
Honest    true to the core



Industry-wide decentralize creative knowledge, making it accessible to all.

Bring the creative community together to share it’s collective knowledge backed by years of experience.

Bringing the acadmia together to push the community towards a guided path.

Work towards long-term industry-wide revolution so that creativity becomes a force for change.


Are you a creator? Be a contributor!